Welcome to Hedera!
P2P, the way it should be.
Once upon a time, there was a program called Poisoned, also on SourceForge, and under the GNU General Public License.  This program was one of my favorite peer-to-peer (P2P) download programs for Mac OS X.  What happened to it?  It went dormant, with updates minor, few, and far between.
I have revived Poisoned under a new name, Hedera, which incorporates changes made by me (Andrew) to the original program.  I am not the author of all of the code used in Hedera.  Just some of it.  The rest belongs to the Poisoned Project, a link to which is provided above (see the first sentence).  Full credit (of the original codebase) to the Poisoned Project and its members is given in the online help and in the About box, as well as on the Credits page of this web site.  Note that Hedera is in no way endorsed by the original Poisoned Project.
I have included a copy of Hedera’s license on this web site.  As a side note, for those who are curious, my actions are entirely in accordance with the license for Poisoned (the GPL, now updated to version 3) and with SourceForge’s policies (as I mentioned, Poisoned is also hosted on SourceForge, so the Poisoned Project must abide by the the SourceForge policies).  I have, as I have said, also given full credit of the original codebase in several prominent locations.