First, many thanks go out to the Poisoned Project maintainers who created the original program Poisoned. Note that Andrew Merenbach is not the author of the original codebase used in Hedera, and that the Poisoned maintainers retain full copyright of their own code.
Primary Acknowledgments:
    •    Hedera (
    •    Poisoned (
    •    giFT (
    •    NetSocket (
    •    Many toolbar icons created by Matt Ball, with others created by The Kombine Group.
    •    Animated NSSplitView code from an anonymous poster on CocoaDev.
    •    The Sparkle version-updater framework was created by Andy Matuschak.
    •    The original Poisoned icon (which is not used in Hedera) was created and donated by Scott Williams.
The Hedera Crew: (alphabetical order)
    •    Andrew Merenbach
    •    …that's all, for now…
The Poisoned Crew: (alphabetical order)
    •    Aaron Sittig
    •    Andrew Winder
    •    Doug Adams
    •    Jason Toffaletti
    •    Jayson Cowan
    •    Michael Thole
    •    Scott Williams
    •    Silvio Rizzi